Hello, I’m Tara Elder, Chief Stress Reliever and owner of Simply Helpful.   In my professional past I have worked in environments where the resources were shrinking but the work load kept growing.  My colleagues and I were being asked to pull rabbits out of our hats. There were many times when we just needed a bit of help to get us through a difficult project or to help us get back on track though we didn’t have the budget for a full time staff member.  I have talked to countless other professionals that were in my shoes and a lightbulb went off.  I want to be a part of the solution and from that desire, Simply Helpful was born.

I have a diverse background in event planning, sales, management and consulting and am told I am a “Jackie of All Trades”.  I love to dive into a chaotic situation and lend a helping hand to smooth out the “wrinkles” that often develop in the everyday life of business.  Though I have had longevity in some very different career fields one thing all of my career paths have in common is that I have always been asked to help refine systems and find a more direct path from where you are to where you want to be.  I love to jump in and help out in stressful situations and make a clear path out of the madness.  I come in when a person or group is not sure where to start with a project or clutter and dive into the fray to help create a working solution to help save time and money.

Let me help you break the cycle of stress and regain some control of your time in the office.  After all, it’s no secret that you’re working without the full support staff you might need. Like your competitors, you’re streamlining and figuring out how to get the work done with fewer resources. I get it, it’s the new normal. But it means that companies like yours are getting a bit less organized and possibly letting things slip. Lucky for you, I’m Simply Helpful and I can help. Even better, I promise full confidentiality and discretion with every project.