Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Simply Helpful?

Simply Helpful clients have To Do lists that seem to be infinitely long and never seem to get shorter.  Many of the tasks on their lists seem to fall into the category of, “I know this needs to be done but there are 10 other fires that need to be put out first.”

Many of these “Important but not urgent” items would even make work life easier in the long run if they were completed but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them all.  Having an extra hand in the office to help complete these tasks or even having someone to help define what tasks could be handed off can help reduce stress, and increase productivity.  Who wouldn’t want to be more productive with less stress?


I have so much to do each day, I feel like taking the time to bring someone in & train them to do what I need will just add to the stress rather than reduce it.  Can you help me too?

This is a common feeling many of our clients share.  It’s a vicious cycle to have so much work, you feel you can’t slow down long enough to ask for help so the cycle continues.  Many of our clients have shared that my ability to pick up tasks quickly and work independently yet asking for clarification when needed truly helps in these kinds of situations.

When hiring a typical temp agency, a new person my arrive each time you need assistance.  You never know who is going to walk through the door and what background or skills they might have.  The next time you need help you could be starting from ground zero and re-training each time a new person shows up, adding to your stress rather than relieving it.

When working with Simply Helpful, you will to meet your Stress Reliever in advance to make sure it’s the right fit.  We pride ourselves on problem solving and finding the best solutions to make an office environment run more smoothly.  It does take some training time initially but it is time well spent for relief and help.


I know I need help but I don’t know where to start.  How can you help me?

Many of our clients find themselves in this situation.  They often feel they would be embarrassed to ask for help without having a specific lists of tasks to tackle.  This is nothing to be embarrassed about!  You may look around your office and get overwhelmed as you try to figure out where to start.  This is the perfect scenario for Simply Helpful.

We start by arranging a free one hour consultation to figure out if we are a good match for what you need and we begin the discussion on where we need to start to best help you in your situation.  Your Stress Reliever helps you evaluate what tasks she can take off your plate and come up with a plan to help you break the cycle of stress.  No need to feel like you must have an organized list of what you need assistance with.  Our consultations are very conversational as we discover how we can best assist you and your unique situation.  We guarantee complete discretion for every client and every situation.

Many of our clients have us start by helping them create their policies and procedures manual.  This allows us to help them to really look at how they are running their business and assist them in handing off tasks that are better suited to be handled by someone other than themselves.  At the end of this initial task, the company has an electronic copy that becomes a very important document to the organization.  Not sure how to even start on a manual?  Don’t worry!  We ask all the questions and guide you through the simple but important process.


My office area is small and I don’t have a computer or space for an additional staff person.  Can you help in this situation?

Absolutely!  In our initial consultation we will discuss what working arrangement would best suit your needs.  Your assigned Stress Reliever will arrive to each assignment with her “traveling office” in tow.  We carry a laptop, flash drive and simple office supplies with me and can work in most offices with ease.  Some of our clients prefer that we work off site and check in with them periodically on assignments.  Each client has different needs and we are very nimble and able to accomodate many situations.


What kinds of help do you offer?

See for examples of services we provide.  Don’t see what you need on the list?  Just ask ask us.  Chances are, we can help with that too.