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Many small businesses are so busy doing the day to day tasks needed every day that they often haven’t taken the time to write out how they keep the business running from day to day.  Having a manual that documents how a business is run is not only helpful but it’s also essential to provide consistent results as a company grows.

The process of creating this document allows the Stress Reliever to help the business owner(s) to really look at how they are running their business and assist them in handing off tasks that are better suited to be handled by someone other than themselves.  It also provides a tool to help ensure that all employees are completing tasks to the standard set by the owner(s).

At the end of this initial task, the company has an electronic copy that becomes a very important document to the organization.  Not sure how to even start on a manual?  Don’t worry!  We ask all the questions and guide you through the simple but important process.

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